We All Agree This Crab Rangoon Dip Is The Best Appetizer Ever! Do You??

Need an appetizer recipe that will appease a variety of different tastes? Try out this recipe for Crab Rangoon Dip As Good or Better Than the Won-ton Version! Crab Rangoon recipes usually include a rich mixture of cream cheese, mayonnaise and scallions mixed with crab meat, which is spooned into wonton wrappers that have been brushed with oil and baked until just golden brown. They may seem like fussy little appetizers to make, but they are actually very easy if you have the time. The hardest part is watching the wonton wrappers when they go in the oven; they can go from a nice light golden brown, -which is what you want - to a dark brown or burned, in literally five to ten seconds. This Crab Rangoon recipe still includes the nicely toasted wontons, but instead of putting them into a muffin tin, and the Crab Rangoon being spooned into them individually, the people over at Lemony Thyme decided to create wonton wrapper chips instead! This is such a great idea, and is definitely one of those "Why didn't I think of that before?" kinds of ideas!

So you would mix up the Crab Rangoon recipe mixture the same as you would if you were going to fill the little wonton wrappers with it. Nothing really changes in the recipe itself, except instead of the Crab Rangoon being a filling, it now becomes a crab dip that the wonton chips can be dipped into. So you still get that nice, light crunch that everyone loves so much about Crab Rangoon. These wonton chips are SO easy to make as well. All you do is get your wonton wrappers, which you can find in the produce or Asian section of your grocery store for a dollar or two a package, and there are like a hundred in one package. Then, you determine the number you would like, maybe a quarter or a half of the package, and cut through them on the diagonal to create nice, triangular shaped wonton chips! These little wonton triangles will get laid out on a well-oiled baking sheet, and then have a little bit more oil brushed onto them. You can also sprinkle some sea salt onto them for extra flavour. They get baked for five to seven minutes, and remember to watch them, or they will burn.

Once those little wonton chips are browned, they are ready to serve on a platter with the nice big bowl of Crab Rangoon dip. How easy is that?! Wouldn't this recipe be wonderful for a party, or just for a before dinner snack to keep the hunger at bay? Everyone loves Crab Rangoon, and it has been a popular appetizer recipe since the 1950s. Although it is considered an Asian recipe, and it does appear in Thai and Chinese restaurants in America, this recipe did not originate in Asia. The cream cheese would be the give away that it is not originally an Asian recipe. Cream cheese is, after all, an American food. The appetizer has been on the menu of a restaurant called Trader Vic's in San Francisco since around 1956. In other states, they are also known at restaurants as crab puffs. Whether you make it into a puff, a dumpling or a dip, Crab Rangoon is awesome. And what a perfect way to try it out if you have never tried it! Make sure you check out some more of the delectable recipes that can be found on the Lemony Thyme food blog while you are at it. Save all of your favourites to Pinterest and make them for your friends and family! Everyone loves good food and good company! Happy cooking!

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