What to do With Leftover Sour Cream

If you don't like to see food ingredients go to waste, you'll want to read what to do with leftover sour cream. Sour cream is one of those foods that we always seem to have in our refrigerators, a popular condiment and ingredient in some recipes. Sour cream is just regular dairy cream that has been soured by the addition of bacteria. When the cream and the bacteria are combined, fermentation is the result and the cream thickens and gets that sour tang. Sour cream might not be top of the list of favorite ingredients, but you probably can't imagine nachos, chili or latkes without it. Sour cream is also a good addition to baked goods recipes and helps to give frosting recipes and cheesecake recipes a good flavor boost. If you are trying to use up some of those ingredients in the refrigerator that need to be used, you might be inspired to use sour cream in a dessert recipe, using that half container in an ice cream recipe or muffin recipe.

Using up that half container of sour cream is a good excuse to make a tea time recipe such as gluten free baked chocolate doughnuts. This gluten free recipe lets you enjoy the taste of doughnuts without the guilt, in this healthier version of chocolate doughnuts. Because this dessert recipe is baked, it is that much healthier for you. But don't worry if you don't own a doughnut pan, you can also make this recipe in a muffin pan. To start fill the greased spots of the pan about a quarter full. This will ensure the muffins rise about as high as a doughnut. The for the glaze recipe, use lemon extract to add a light lemon flavor and balance the sweetness of the glaze. Feel free to omit this ingredient if you don't like a mild lemon flavor in your glaze recipe. You can also use sour cream in a cool treat recipe. Try using it in the Coeur a la Creme Fraiche recipe on the site.

Sour cream is a food that is made out of dairy. To make sour cream, regular cream is fermented with certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria. The bacterial culture used for the sour cream recipe is introduced either deliberately or naturally, and it sours and thickens the cream. The name is derived from the production of lactic acid by bacterial fermentation, which is known as souring. The taste of sour cream is only somewhat sour. Sour cream is popular in European and North American cuisines, often as a condiment. Sour cream is a traditional topping for baked potatoes, added cold with chopped fresh chives. Sour cream is also used as the base for some creamy salad dressings and can also be used in baking recipes, added to the recipe batter for cakes, cookies, doughnut recipes and scones. Sour cream can also be eaten as a dessert, with fruits or berries and sugar topping. The Serious Eats recipe is just like the name serious about eating! Some of the recipes on the site are out of this world and will leave your mouth-watering, to say the least. Popular recipe ideas on the site include chicken recipes, pizza recipes, cocktails recipes, pasta recipes, burger recipes, sandwich recipes, grilling recipes, salad recipes and more. You will also find cooking techniques, cooking guides, features and more. A few examples of recipes you will find on the site include an orange rum challah French toast recipe with whipped cream, a Hungarian Goulash recipe, slow roasted bacon wrapped pineapple tacos, and so much more.

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