What's on YOUR bucket list? 99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested And Put In Jail To Check It Off Her Bucket List!

This is a story that you don't hear every day. An elderly Dutch woman named Annie wanted the experience of being arrested to cross off her bucket list before the end of her life. The 99-year-old was arrested and booked into a jail cell at her local police station in the Netherlands. The police department was happy to help Annie fulfill her wish, and the Nijmegen-Zuid police station allowed Annie to briefly sit in a jail cell with fastened handcuffs after police officers picked her up from her home. Typically citizens who have not committed a crime are not permitted in cells, but this rare exception was made for 99-year-old Annie. You can see from the smile on Annie's face that the experience made her day. Hopefully, the rest of her bucket list ideas don't get her into trouble.

99-year-old Annie is close to being a centenarian, and it's nice to see her enjoying herself and being an example of how to live a good life. A centenarian is a person who has lived to or is beyond the age of 100 years old. Around the world most life expectancies are less than 100, so the term is associated with longevity. A supercentenarian is any person who has lived beyond the age of 110 or more, something that has only been achieved by about one in every 1,000 centenarians. Even rarer is for a person to live to the age of 115, with only 41 people in recorded history who have reached this age. As modern medicine keeps getting better and people are learning the tricks to healthy living, the life expectancy is increasing across the world. And while the world population is also increasing rapidly the number of centenarians is expected to increase in the future.

If you havenít heard the term bucket list already, it is simply a list of goals, DIY ideas, and dreams that you want to achieve before you die. People like to create buckets list full of DIY ideas, healthy living and how to live a good life as it gives them something to achieve and work towards. We've all heard the phrase life happens so fast, and where did the time go. It's true life can pass us by, and you will often find yourself wondering what you have achieved. A bucket list gives you goals and dreams to work towards, plus it's fun to check them off as you go along, it makes you feel like you are achieving something. Having a bucket list also reminds you of whatís really important in life so you can act on them. Even if you have goals or to-do lists, they are quite often in the form of career, health, and family which is good but a bucket list is different as it has to do more with experiences. A bucket list can include everything youíve ever wanted to do, whether itís big dreams, small or just random ideas. A bucket list is a great exercise to try; you might learn something about your life and have fun in the process. You might consider making a bucket list of your own, full of dreams and goals that you would like to accomplish and work towards in life.

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