Whatís So Great About Salami Cornucopia Anyway? Why, Only That Itís The Best Appetizer In The World!

If you are looking for an awesome appetizer that everyone will love, try out these Salami Cornupia the next time you go to a party and want to make something special for everyone to try! Whether you are hosting a party or attending one that you have been asked to bring an appetizer to, it can be stressful thinking about what to bring, and make a judgement call on what people will like. You ideally want to make and bring something that people will enjoy so much that your platter is cleared off completely! These would be a really good bet, as long as you are not going to a party with vegetarians or vegans of course! But generally, everyone likes a meat and cheese platter, and will be happy to munch away at it. Appetizers are so much fun, and sometimes its fun to even host a party where you just do appetizers. Making a whole meal for a bunch of people can be stressful, so making some appetizers and having everyone bring a little something to share, takes off the pressure a lot!

The recipe couldn't be any simpler really. All you have to do is make little cones or cornupias with your meat of choice. In this case, they chose a nice Italian Genoa sausage to use for their meat, you could use any kind you like though, as long as it stays in the cone shape easily without coming undone. Once you seal them into that cone shape, all you do is fill them with the creamed cheese with herbs you have prepared. This would be a great way to use some herbs out of the garden. You can use a piping bag or make one with a plastic baggy. Another great meat to use might be a salami or any kind, it always goes really well with cheese. Meat and cheese platters are usually called charcuterie. Charcuterie generally means cooked meat, or cured meat in French. It is the way of preparing the meat for preservation, and was originally used before refrigeration existed. Now, people just continue to use these methods for their flavour. The Romans were the first to prepare meats in this way, and then the French.

People might also appreciate something to soften the intense flavour of the meat and the cheese combination. And of course, having some wine along side would be wonderful as well.

These would be great with some little crackers, or some fresh baked bread, or toasted little slices of baguette. Even some nice and crunchy pieces of butter lettuce or some other kind of lettuce that would work well as a base. These would be perfect for any appetizer for any occasion, especially for people who like meat and cheese platters. It makes it nice that the cheese is already in the meat so you don't have to scrape it out of a bowl every time you want some, which means, no nasty double dipping! Try them out at your next party! Head over to 'Erica's Recipes' by following the link in the section below for more!

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