When Condiments Attack: and How to Send Stains Fleeing!

Condiments compliment our meals, but they definitely are not good when they drip on our favorite clothes. It can be so frustrating trying to remove the stains caused by ketchup, mayo or mustard from our white top or pants. No matter how careful you are, it is inevitable that those spills are going to happen.

If you’re wondering what makes mustard so stubborn when it stains our clothes? Blame it on turmeric, the spice that makes a lot of Indian food yellow. Once it stains your clothing, go straight to where you can find soap and water. If there is a big glob of it, use a knife or a spoon to remove that part. Next, use lots of running water from the faucet to flush out the stain. Do it on both the front side and the back, and you must make sure to act immediately.

After you have washed it with water, your next step is to get a good soap to remove the stain. We suggest that you get a liquid laundry detergent because that is more concentrated, but if you don’t have it; use the dish soap. . Apply the soap in the area that was affected, and then rub the fabric against each other. Do it under running water so the stain is easily pushed out. Just repeat the process until you see the stain is gone.

There might still be some of it that you will see on the surface, but you have done the best you can with it for step one. As soon as possible after, run it through your washing machine using cold water. There are some stain removers that also may help in the wash such as a color safe or oxygenated bleach.

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