When I Saw A Can On Her Counter With 48 Holes, I Asked What Itís For. What She Shows Me? WOW!

There's no shortage of diy ideas online which is great for crafty do it yourself kind of people. When you see a can on the counter with 48 holes in it, you may wonder what it's for. What we're shown is amazing. So what does this tutorial help you make? A cheese grater, pretty cool right? It's so fun to learn about new ways to recycle household items, like using a tin can to create a cheese grater. So as you may have guessed already, all you need for this tutorial is an empty can, some sandpaper and a drill. First off, you want to make sure your can is clean and dry so here are some cleaning tips to get your can the cleanest it can be. Cans can often have a smell left on them from the food that was once inside. One of the best cleaning tips to get that stinky smell out for good is to use some white distilled vinegar or some natural baking soda. You can use the vinegar and natural baking soda together for some heavy duty deodorizer or try them out on their own. You can also remove any labels that may be on the can while cleaning it. If the label isn't coming off easily, some great cleaning tips are to use hot water and some dish soap to break down the glue. Dish soap is a great, non chemical way to clean the labels off of items. Also, sometimes using a blow dryer on the hottest setting will melt the glue in the label on the can, allowing it to come off easily. Then just wash the outside of the can with dish soap and water to clean it from any sticky residue.

Once your can is clean and ready to be used, you mark off where you will drill the holes on the can. The video tutorial shows exactly how to do that, and then shows you how to drill the equally distanced holes in the can. Once all the holes are drilled into the can, you sand off the sharp edges on the inside of the can to file down any edges. Then, take your drill bit and make the sharp edges on the holes for grating by pushing the bottom edge to angle out from the can. Once you're done making all of the holes you will have something that looks just like your normal cheese grater. Use the same cleaning tips from before to clean out any of the left over pieces of metal from the can with some dish soap and a scrub brush. After you're done cleaning it out, then test it by grating some of your favourite hard cheese. You'll see how smoothly it grates the cheese in the video, plus, the can provides the perfect container to catch all of the freshly grated cheese so you don't have to use a plate underneath which can get pretty messy at times.

Cleaning the cheese grater will be easy with some dish soap and a brush, using a brush to scrub all of the left over cheese off will save your hands from getting scratched by the sharp edges of the grater. MrGear also has some interesting videos of himself taking a really sharp knife, heating it up with a torch until it's orange and cutting various things which is pretty fun to watch. In one video he cuts up a rubber band ball, a chocolate egg and a tube of toothpaste. He also shows other science experiments on his channel as well as hacks for everyday life. Hopefully you'll have some fun watching these videos and trying some of his diy ideas.***

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