When I Saw WHY She Pours Dish Soap Into Her Toilet... I HAD to Try It!

One of the worst things to happen around the house hold is to get a clog in your toilet, and then trying to get it out. Take a peek at this great video, When I Saw WHY he Pours Dish Soap Into the Toilet... I HAD to Try It! The toilet is one thing in the house that must be working at all times. If your electricity goes out, you always have candles, and if your hot water goes out, well, you can always boil up some hot water. But, if the toilet is clogged and not functioning properly, and you and your family can't use it, you better fix it or get it fixed, and quick! It is the one thing in the house that you really miss when it is acting up. So this video, could really help you out if something ever happens, like a clog or a blockage in your toilet.

Seriously, this is an extremely easy way to get a blockage out of your toilet. If you have never heard of this method, then you really need to watch this video and make sure you remember how to do this when you have a clog of any sort in your toilet. If you have too much toilet paper in your toilet, or something got flushed down that wasn't supposed to get flushed down, this tip can come in really handy for home owners. Dish soap is a very easy solution, at only dollars a bottle for a no name brand of product. The other great thing is, that we always have some on hand around the house for washing our dishes, of course, so you wouldn't need to make a special trip to the store to purchase a special product to do this unclogging method. Also, you wouldn't even need to go out and buy a plunger, if you don't already have one, and you shouldn't have to call a plumber if this trick is successful.

All you really need to do is pour the dish soap down the toilet bowl, and allow it's viscous consistency to work it's magic. The dish soap lubricates the trap hole in the toilet, causing whatever was stuck in it, to release and let the water through once again. Once you have let the dish soap sit for a while, you should be able to flush the toilet!

In many situations, it's always best to be resourceful and to try out tips and tricks like this first, that other people have tried out. Things that won't cause harm to your plumbing system. Trying these things out before having to call a plumber to come and fix the problem. Plumbers can and usually do charge you so much for just a simple thing like putting a snake down your toilet to move a blockage through, so that your toilet can flush properly. So why not try a method like this one first, to see if it will work? Especially if it is risk free. There are so many great tips and tricks like this on the internet, and Build TV has a lot of great house hold tips and tricks that you can try out in your own home. So make sure that you save this method for the future so that you have something to try if you get a blockage in your toilet! Head over to 'Build TV' to watch the video on YouTube!

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