When You Read These 19 Shocking Food Facts, You'll Never Want To Eat Again

I love food. I mean, I really love food. Lately, though, Iíve been trying to eat healthier. I look for substitutions for the foods I really love. Who knew I may have been doing more harm than good? When You Read These 19 Shocking Food Facts, Youíll Never Want To Eat Again! (OK, that may sound a bit dramatic, but you will be shocked after reading some of these food facts. I promise.)

Thereís a lot of craze surrounding milk alternatives. I thought coconut milk was a healthier choice. It turns out that ľ of a can of coconut milk is equal to ĺís of your daily recommended intake of saturated fats. To make it even worse, ľ can has about the same amount of calories as a box of Junior Mints. (I think Iíll just eat the mints from now on.)

Another surprisingly unhealthy ďhealthyĒ food, as it turns out, is Greek yogurt. Itís also really high in saturated fats. 3 spoonfuls are equal to half your daily recommended saturated fat intake.

Candy bars arenít normally considered a healthy food, right? Well, as it turns out, neither are cereal bars. Some cereal bars are actually higher in both fat and calories than certain candy bars. They have more fat than a slice of pizza. (Pizza and mints are sounding better and better!)

Another craze is sugar substitutions. Thereís Stevia and Sucanat and then thereís all-natural honey. This one shocked me. Honey has more calories than regular sugar (a small spoonful of honey has 25 calories whereas the same amount of regular sugar has just 16 calories).

Another shocker. Fruit and berries are healthy foods, right? Wrong. Dried cranberries contain about half a cup of sugar per handful.

How many people have picked up a roasted chicken at the grocery store when they need a good meal that's quick and delicious? If you think that roasted chicken is healthier than the fried option, you may want to think again. Just one chicken leg from a roasted chicken contains the same amount of fat as a scoop of ice cream. Then you might think the same thing about eating carrot cake, never would you think that carrot cake wouldn't be a good option for a light snack. While carrot cake may sound healthy, you may just want to go for half a slice next time. Some carrot cakes can have over 560 calories per slice, that's like eating 14 pieces of bacon! Same with sushi, while you might think hey this is a healthy lunch or dinner option for the family. The problem with sushi is that the rice that comes along with it is often processed. Sushi also contains a lot of salt and only a meager serving of fish, so it's not quite as healthy as you might think.

So the key is to do your research before making ďhealthyĒ substitutions, and donít get drawn into fads or crazes. Some of the things weíve been told are good for us really arenítÖ at least not as good as some of the foods we are already eating. The key to eating healthy is really just moderation. Know your daily limits for your fat, carbohydrates, sodium, proteins and calories and try to judge foods accordingly. Iím going to be a lot more aware after reading this article.

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