White Enchiladas

The word enchilada comes from the Spanish verb enchilar, meaning to season or to add chili. This traditional Mexican dish combines corn tortillas with a variety of fillings, topped with chili sauce. Enchiladas are thought to have originated with Aztec culture when maize was a staple food. Maize was pounded into flour with stones, mixed with water and rolled flat. Tortillas were cooked either by steaming under a cloth or by baking on a hot stone then used to wrap around a variety of foods from meat and fish to sweet fruits. As an original Mexican street food enchiladas are simply corn tortillas dipped in chili sauce. However, in North America enchiladas are typically filled with a stuffing such as meat or re-fried beans.

Enchiladas can be filled with a wide variety of foods from meats like chicken, pork or beef, fish or other seafood, or vegetarian options like beans, potatoes, cheese, onions, olives or other vegetables. Sauces for enchiladas are typically either red or green chili sauce, however, many other types of sauce can be used including tomato-based sauces, mole or gravy, which is most often used in Texas. Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce made from chili paste. Different flavors of mole are created by using different varieties of chili peppers. Some mole sauce even contains chocolate, creating a rich depth to a spicy meal.

This particular recipe takes a unique twist on this traditional dish by using a white sauce made with sour cream and chicken stock thickened with flour. Stuffed with chicken and topped with jack cheese, this is an innovative and indulgent variation on a classic Mexican favorite. Green chilies add a spicy kick as a reminder of this modern meal's historical roots.

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