Who Doesn't Love A Warm Homemade Meal? Here´s A Simple French Onion Pork Chops Recipe You´ll Love!

With all of the Turkey, squash and sweet potato recipes that come out around fall time, it can be refreshing to try something different. Try out these French Onion Pork Chops for something different whenever you feel like pork chops. Sometimes you just want something different then what everyone else is making at this time of year. Turkey is a great meat to eat, but it can get old fast if you are eating it all of the time. So it's great to have a variety of meal options if you eat meat so that you are not just eating the same thing over and over again.

This awesome and very interesting recipe comes to us from Renee over at Kudos Kitchen By Renee. With this recipe, she takes a beloved soup, french onion soup, and makes it into a pork chop dish. This would be the perfect dish for anyone who wants to add more protein to their diet, or anyone who loves french onion soup and wants to try it in a new and different way. These pork chops would be awesome with some roasted vegetables, or over some mashed potatoes. You can use the french onion soup sauce to pour over your potatoes like a gravy of sorts. With all of the onions, it would taste so great, just like a nice comforting bowl of french onion soup. The pork chops even have a piece of cheese on top, like french onion soup has with the bread. You can use Gruyeré or she used swiss cheese. Both have a nice subtle yet sharp flavour.

Onion soups date back to Roman times, when people figured out that soups were a great affordable and flavourful meal. The onion soups were thought of as poor people's food, because onions were so abundant and cheap. The more modern version came around in the 18th century, in France. It was made with a heart beef bone broth and caramelized onions. Brandy or sherry is added for a richer flavour as well usually. The soup usually has a piece of bread on the top and a piece of cheese placed on top and then melted in a ramekin dish, under the heat of the broiler in the oven until it is nice and melted. The soup is always so nice to eat on colder days, it just warms you right up and it is a comforting food as well, so when it is made with the pork chops, it really becomes a super comfort food for people who like pork chops.

Renee uses her Kudos Kitchen to express her creativity and love for painting, cooking and baking. She loves to share her passions for her creative endeavours with others, and loves meeting people in the process. She has been married for 30 years and has 2 grown up boys who would usually be a bit skeptic of her cooking since she was always trying something new in the kitchen. She feels that everything she has done and learned in the past has lead her to where she is now, and what she passionately loves to do. She is happy to provide us with her favourite recipes and inspiration in the kitchen!

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