Who Pays On The First Date?

One of the touchiest dating concerns has to do with the first date and money. Who pays, the man or woman? Once you are hooked up into a relationship, you can work out what is best for you as a couple. In the meantime, it’s still tough to know what is expected of you. Classically, men of today are put into a "damned if you do, and damned if you don't" circumstances.

Some women get offended if men always insist on paying the bill. It may make them feel as if they are being bought or utilized as if they can't afford to pay their own way. On the other hand, if men don't offer to pay immediately, some women will think that they're just being cheap. It makes things easier when once you comprehend that, when it comes to money issues, there are only three possibilities: One is, you are expected to pay. Second, she is expected to pay. And third, both parties should split the bill in two.

The first impression on the first date is important. Paying is not just being a gentlemanly thing to do but also specifies that you are responsible, stable and well-established. A guy paying the bills on the first date sends a signal to women’s mind that you are relationship-ready. If you guys asked her out, a good universal rule is to ask yourself ‘Who asked who?’ If you initiated the date, then you are expected to pay the bill. In reality, the guy should be prepared to pay regardless who invited first.

Nothing looks feebler than a guy's embarrassed expression when he doesn't have enough money with him to cover up the charges. Be sure to take her on a date to someplace you know you can afford!

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