Why Everyone is Suddenly Putting Butter In Their Coffee

Who loves Coffee? I do! How about you? I bet you do too for most of us; Coffee is an important part of our daily lives not just for breakfast. Coffee as we all know is a brewed drink with a distinct aroma and flavor which is prepared from roasted coffee beans. These coffee beans are the seeds found in the berries of the coffee plant. Are you curious as to where the coffee plant is grown and cultivated? Here is a little information about it, Coffee plant is cultivated in over 70 countries around the world and most of them are in the equatorial regions of the Americas, Southeast Asia, India and Africa.

Looking for a new healthy twist in your coffee? Would you be interested to know how? Maybe you are wondering why everyone is suddenly putting butter into their coffee? What? Butter in the coffee? Yes, you got it right. This is actually a new trend that has been going around and may change how you like your coffee to be. Instead of the usual sugar and cream, dont you know that some people are putting butter? You might think that this is a little gross. As we all know, butter is oily and has a taste that will not match your brewed coffee.

But there is only this butter we are going to share with you that you can put into your coffee that has health benefits that is good for your body.

Grass-fed butter has vitamins A, D & K2, heart-disease preventing CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and so much more. Kerrygold unsalted butter is the most common brand of grass fed butter found in grocery stores. Why grass-fed butter? How is it different from the other butters? The answer is simple. Grass fed cows are the best producers of milk and beef than the soy or corn fed cows. Those soy or corn fed cows have fats in their milk that are not good for your body.

Want to know what are the amazing benefits of grass fed butter? First thing, it has the right fats that regulate cholesterol and not add to it. This butter has the best ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids that reduces body fat. Grass fed butter is also a good source of vitamin K that reduces the risk of heart disease. Here are more health benefits that might change your mind about the grass fed butter. This provides the healthy fats for your brain and body to create cell walls and hormones. These are some of the major health benefits that a grass fed butter have. Its amazing that only one butter can give you these vitamins that you need.What are you waiting for? Try this now!

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