How to Clean Your Toilet Naturally

WHY Is He Pouring Vinegar Into His Toilet?? Oh Wait a Minute.. OMG That's Brilliant. This is just one of the many amazing house hold cleaning hacks you can try from this great video. Cleaning our homes doesn't have to be a total bore of chore, especially when you have great cleaning tips and tricks like these ones. Many people wonder how to effectively clean their toilets naturally. Well, all you really need is some common household vinegar. You probably already have some white vinegar in your cupboard too, so pull it out and try these simple household cleaning tips that make good use white distilled vinegar to clean your toilet. All you need to do is pour some in the tank of your toilet. This way the white vinegar will run through with every flush. Then soak some toilet paper with white distilled vinegar and place it around the lip of the toilet bowl and wait several minutes. When you remove the vinegar soaked toilet paper, that nasty ring you may have had on the upper part of your toilet will be reduced. The vinegar works so well at disintegrating stains and disinfecting, so it is the perfect remedy for how to clean your toilet naturally. Other ways to clean your toilet naturally include adding some baking soda to the main toilet bowl while the vinegar is in there too, this is a great way to get some extra cleaning action happening in there.

Many times we also forget to clean the toilet brush that cleans our toilet. The brush that cleans our toilet can be full of bacteria, so it is important to keep this clean as well. You can use similar natural cleaning remedies like vinegar to keep the toilet brush clean. You can pour some white vinegar into the cup that the brush sits in so that it is continually being cleaned, and you also can rinse the brush off after cleaning your toilet with it. After you are done cleaning your toilet, just take some vinegar and pour it all over your toilet brush while holding it over your bathtub drain, and then with hot water, rinse the toilet brush out over the bathtub drain. Vinegar doesn't just have to be reserved for cleaning your toilet naturally, it can be used to clean your shower and bathtub naturally as well. Just spray a mixture of half vinegar, and half water in a spray bottle and spray your shower down with it. You can let it sit for a while and then make a powder cleanser out of baking soda and water to scrub the shower and bathtub really well.

White distilled vinegar is a great natural cleaning agent which is not only very affordable, but very effective and can be used for duties like cleaning your toilet and bathroom naturally. Vinegar is also quite effective at cutting through grease, removing stains, and disinfecting. It can also be a great natural cleaning product to use on mold and mildew as well. Vinegar is the result of fermenting fruit or grains, white vinegar doesn't have too high of an acidity which is why it is healthy for us to eat and use as cleaning products. A large bottle of white distilled vinegar can be purchased at your local grocery store for less than $6 a bottle, and it lasts a long time. Try out this great way to clean your toilet naturally, and also try some of the other awesome household hacks featured on the DIY Home Decorating Facebook page. You can also find plenty of fun crafts and DIY projects that will bring out your creativity and that would even be fun to work on with the kids.*

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