Why You Should Start Using a Bench Scraper in Your Kitchen

If you are always interested in finding out how to make your life easier, then The Underestimated Genius of the Bench Scraper will be welcome information. Its fun to find new tips, tricks and tools that make our lives easier, especially in the kitchen. Making our own meals at home all the time is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle and it can also save you a lot of money as well in comparison to eating out all the time. Coming across these useful tips for life can help you enjoy making your own meals at home even more than you might already, because when something is made even a bit easier, you are more likely to want to do it. Cooking and making recipes is a passion of many people these days. It is so wonderful to see people loving to cook and prepare their own food, it provides a creative outlet, as well as a healthy connection and interaction with our food that we may have not had before. There are so many kitchen contraptions and tools that already make cooking a lot easier than it would be if it weren't for these items. Imagine making a buttercream icing without an electric mixer, it can be done, but it is hard work for sure. Or imagine making a smoothy without a blender, or grating cheese without a grater. It would be much more difficult to make our recipes if it were not for these handy kitchen tools that make our lives easier.

The bench scraper is also one of those kitchen tools that makes our lives so much easer. You may not have even heard of a bench scraper yet either, that's ok, they aren't really that well known unless you are a chef or a cooking enthusiast. Basically this kitchen tool called the bench scraper is a piece of thin, flat metal that has a handle on top of it. This article from Epicurious explains it as an extension of your hand that allows you scrape the ingredients of your recipe into a bowl or a pan easily. Usually you might struggle to transfer vegetables from your cutting board to the pan or bowl by trying to lift them handful by handful off of the cutting board. Well when you are learning how to make your life easier, this bench scraper will make that job so simple and quick. No more dropped veggies on the floor either. Why not just use a knife? Well, scraping your knife on a cutting board surface dulls the edge of the knife really quickly. So its best to not use the blade of your knives for the job of scraping your recipe ingredients off of the cutting board. Another thing that this bench scraper is great for, is to incorporate or cut fat into flour. Once your dough is made, the bench scraper is also great for cutting your dough into pieces. So if you are making rolls, you can easily cut your bread dough into smaller evenly sized pieces without having to deal with a sticky knife.

Thank you so much to Epicurious for this informative article on The Underestimated Genius of the Bench Scraper. Rhoda Boone provided the three tips you will find on the Epicurious website that you can try out in your own kitchen. Epicurious is a wonderful website with so much great content including ways to make our lives easier. They have an abundance of awesome recipes as well which you can find on the website including dinner recipes, recipes for special occasions, dessert recipes, healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes, meat recipes, appetizer recipes and so much more.*

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