Wild And Crazy Rainbow Leopard Cake (Video & Recipe!)

We’ve seen some wild desserts, but this Wild And Crazy Rainbow Leopard Cake (Video & Recipe!) from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio takes the literal, actual cake. The rainbow leopard confection is so much fun to make and to eat, and we can’t wait to give it a try. You’ll feel the same after watching this bright and happy tutorial. Take a walk on the wild side and check it out! Wouldn't this cake be amazing for a teenage girl's birthday party? Or anyone who loves leopard print and rainbows for that matter, young or older. We are all kids at heart, right?! This cake just looks like it would also be super fun to make as well. I would love to try making it just for the challenge of it. I have a friend or two that would absolutely love this cake. Maybe I could make it for one of their birthdays at some point.

The cake has all of these different technicolor leopard spots on the inside of it! It just looks too cool when it is cut open! Then, the icing on the top and sides is all technicolor and rainbow too, with different layers of bright, fun colour and, of course, leopard spots! SO much fun! Jenn, the author and curator over at Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, is the one who made this cake, and who shows us how to make it ourselves. She says that it does take some patience and practice to get the spots to look right, but after some time, you will get it. She also makes a zebra cake that looks really amazing too! What a great idea! There is even a great video to help you out as you make it. It would be just like having her there, showing you how the cake is made, step by step.

Jenn is the owner of this awesome Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio food blog and she absolutely loves to share recipes and DIY projects with people over the internet. She even has a frequently asked questions list that you can read through and find out more about her and her life. People can even order cupcakes and cakes from her website for weddings and special occasions. But if you don't live in her area, you can always just try out making something from her site yourself with one of her fabulous recipes.

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