Witchcraft and Aliens: Were Medieval Witches Actually Early Abductees?

During the period of the 14th to the 18th centuries in Europe, around 40,000 to 60,000 people were sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. They were tortured and scorched alive in front of many people. Most of the people who practiced witchcraft were women; however there were also men, children and animals sentenced as well. Nowadays, we don’t burn witches alive, thank goodness. In the olden days there were methods to identify witches, and you might be curious about what these methods were. Below are the 8 distinctive marks that were looked for.

1. Marks on their body.

You can identify a witch by a mark in their body. Witches had a distinctive mark on them physically. It can be in any form such as a mole, birthmark, symbols and some also believe that there is an “invisible mark”.

2. Ghostly sexual intercourse.

Witches had sex with non-human entities, the Devil, called incubi or male demosn and succubi a female demon.

3. They fly during the night.

All witches had the ability to fly during the night.

4. Killing animals.

Witches could kill all kinds of animals in the farm without any signs of blood. These witches or aliens are sometimes linked to cattle mutilations in farms.

5. Miscarriage and missing fetuses.

Witches were known to be fond of fetuses. They could cause a miscarriage and missing fetuses anytime. There are also cases of missing fetuses which still remains a mystery until now.

6. Meeting in the deep forest.

Witches would have a meeting with the Devil in the deep forest for the purpose of examination from the Devil. This ritual is done on a stone or metal block, naked.

7. The Witch and the Greys.

In the old times, the “Devil” was believed to have similarities to the Greys such as grey in appearance, cloven feet, odd skin and is perverse in sexual duty. The Devil’s eyes were believed to have power to control women by means of hypnotizing them.

8. The “Bright Lights” in the sky.

Remember how Satan is known to be the “brightest light” in the sky before God remove him from heaven? Aliens are also associated with “bright light” in the sky, the UFOs, which came down to earth.

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