With An Old Beer Bottle And $8 Worth Of Supplies, He Makes Summertime Backyard Must Have!

If you're searching for diy crafts for home, we have a great one for you. With an old beer bottle and $8 worth of supplies, he makes a summertime backyard must have. This is one of those diy ideas that is particularly great if you need different ways to recycle empty glass bottles. Check your own recycle bin for empty glass bottles, or sometimes you can find them at thrift stores or dollar stores. Choose what colours and sizes of bottles you want to use. For this project, blue beer bottles were used and they looked really pretty in the back yard they were shown in. Brown bottles or green bottles would also look great, but clear bottles will show through to the wick and the lantern fluid, so if you don't want to see that, stick with the bottles that you can't see through. Be sure that your bottles are all cleaned out and dry before you begin on this project too. You'll also need a strong surface to secure your lanterns into, so a fence or a wood deck railing would probably work the best.

All you have to do for these cool lanterns is secure a grounding clamp to your surface by screwing it in place. Then, a threaded rod is inserted in and another grounding clamp is attached on the other end. This is the end that will hold the bottle firmly in place. Clamp the neck of the bottle in the outside grounding clamp and then all you have to do is pour in some lantern fluid and insert the wick that you'll make out of some copper tubing and some teflon tape. Once you're done all of the instructions in the video, your lanterns are ready to be used. Just light the wick with a lighter and enjoy the beautiful ambiance that they give off. Having several of these around your yard would look so pretty on a warm summer night. This is a great diy alternative to the bamboo tiki torches that you can buy in the store, plus it gives you more ways to recycle and create diy crafts for home and garden spaces. Just be careful when using these around pets and children just as you would with any lantern, candle or bonfire.

Another one of the ways to recycle old glass bottles is to make them into candle holders. You can gather a bunch of different sizes and colours of glass bottles, put them together and insert stick candles in the necks of the bottles. You may have to shave away a bit of the bottom of the candles so that they fit snuggly into the bottle neck and twist it a bit until it's set. If you get all different colours of candles, the wax drippings also look really beautiful as they melt down and all over the bottles. Just be sure to put some plastic placemats or a protective barrier of some kind under the bottles to catch any wax that would otherwise drip onto the table. There are also many diy crafts for home that your can do with mason jars. You can turn clear mason jars into cute hanging lanterns with tea light candles inside of them. Add a layer of sand from the beach and some sea shells for a beachy look, or some sea glass for some more colour. These are great for that nice, low lighting that is so lovely on a summer night. Enjoy these diy ideas and more from All Tips Ideas and get crafty making your own unique home decor.***

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