With the removal of 'AGED CELLS', mice lived up to 25 percent longer!

With the removal of 'AGED CELLS', mice lived up to 25 percent longer! By destroying cells that are worn out in mice the mice live longer. This amazing experiment removes aging cells which in the future could help in treating age-related diseases. As animals age, their cells that are no longer able to divide, these cells are known as senescent cells and are found all over their bodies. The senescent cells release molecules that can also harm tissues that are nearby. These senescent cells are linked to diseases that come with old age. Diseases such as kidney failure and type 2 diabetes.

To test the affect these cells had in aging molecular biologists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, together with their colleague's engineered mice so that their aging senescent cells would then die off when the mice were injected with a drug. The research also involved sophisticated genetic and physiological testing. The scientists think that these aging cells are bad when they accumulate. So they removed them to see what the consequences were. The mice who had their senescent cells killed off over six months were, in turn, healthier in many ways than that of the control group of mice who still had the buildup of cells.

The mice who had their senescent cells removed had kidneys that worked better, hearts that were more resilient to stress, and cancers that developed at later ages. By removing the senescent cells, the lifespans of the mice were extended by 20 to 30 percent. In the hope of discovering therapies for diseases that come with old age, researchers are now looking for drugs that can eliminate the senescent cells or stop them from contributing to damage neighboring tissue.

Senescence comes from the Latin word that means to grow old. Senescence is biological aging and the gradual deterioration of function that is a characteristic of most complex lifeforms on earth and found in all biological kingdoms. Senescence is not to be considered the inevitable fate of all organisms as science is proving that is can be delayed. In 1934, it was discovered that caloric restriction could extend lifespans up to twofold in rats. The Hydra is a species that is immortal and has motivated research into delaying and preventing the senescence of life and age-related diseases. Some animals in the world such as some reptiles and fish species, age more slowly known as negligible senescence and are known to exhibit very long lifespans. Humans are always looking for ways to turn back the clock and live longer, healthier lives while still looking good. Staying out of the sun is just one natural remedy to caring for the skin and lessening the damage that can happen from too much sun exposure. Eating less unhealthy foods, especially less sugar in the diet is one way to feel healthier. People can't get enough of skin care products and natural remedies that promote looking and feeling younger. People are always looking for ways to achieve the fountain of youth.

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