With These Simple Tips & Tricks, Your Stovetop Will Practically Clean Itself

What Are The Top Ways To Clean A Dirty Stovetop? This is a question many of us ask when it comes to getting our dirty, grimy stove tops clean again. You will want to read through the community discussion to see how other people get their stovetops looking like new. This is a great online discussion where people share their stovetop cleaning tips. On the community discussion board, you will find all sorts of ideas from natural cleaning tips to products you can use and tools that you might have around the house that could help you with success. The nice thing is, you can get all these great ideas and determine what you will and will not try, without having to leave your house. Chances are you have most of the natural cleaning products and ingredients right in your house. So you won't even have to go out to the grocery store and purchase anything. Better yet, most of the cleaning tips are natural so you won't be using any toxic cleaners that leave behind a toxic smell that you can do without.

One of the tips in the community discussion was for a gas stove that had lots of burnt on crud that would not come off, even after using all sorts of cleaners. The only thing that worked for this reader was to very carefully and slowly use the edge of a single-edged razor blade to scrape off the grime. This process takes a lot of patience, so you do not scratch the stove top, but in the end, the results were amazing, and the stovetop looked like new. The next cleaning tip was for a ceramic flat top stove top. The reader used a cleaning product that was found in the cleaning supply section of the grocery store. The cleaning tip product was for Barkeepers (Tenders) Friend. This cleaning product is a liquid that you pour on your stovetop dirt and grime to soften the dirty surface. After you pour on the liquid product, you let it sit, and then use a straight edge tool to scrape away all the dirt and grime. Another cleaning tip to get stovetop grime and dirt off your stove is by using a paste that you make from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Make the paste into a consistency that is easy to spread around the stovetop. After you make the paste put it all on the stove top over the areas that you want to clean, and leave it on for an hour or two. Then use a damp cloth to wipe away the cleaning paste and scrape away the grime. You can either scrape away the grime with a flat edged tool such as a plastic paint tool, or you can you your fingernail. This cleaning tip works quite well.

We can all use some cleaning tips and cleaning ideas every once in a while. With so much to do, it's nice to find easy cleaning tips and ideas that can make our cleaning that much easier. It's not always easy to keep a clean house, work full time and take care of the kids. So we can use all the help we can get! On the Hometalk site, you will find this cleaning tip and plenty more, along with plenty of other DIY ideas from the world's largest DIY community. You can just type in your DIY question, and you are sure to find what you are looking for. Some of the DIY ideas you will find on this site include how to make a flower tower from stacked flowerpots, a new use for antique drawers, and turning an old knife block into a DIY crayon holder. You will also find out how to make an easy mason jar oil lamp, how to build a spiral herb garden and so much more.

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