Woman Paid Unbelievable Amount of Money by Insurance Companies when she Slips and Falls Over, You Won't Believe How Much She Got!

A slip and fall on ice is an unfortunately regular experience for most of us during the winter months, but for a claimant in Virginia the fall was considerably more serious. Her insurance claim against landlord will shock you.

In 2012 the victim broke several leg bones when leaving his apartment and slipping on ice in the driveway; he later developed serious complications stemming from the injury and risked having his lower leg amputated. Treatment was further complicated as the victim is also a diabetic. The case was settled for such a large figure because it was claimed that the property’s owner - the injured party's landlord - didn't remove any fallen snow from the driveway or treat the icy areas with salt or sand as required by law. $7.75 million is certainly a harsh warning to careless landlords this winter season.

Insurance claims run rampant in the USA, everyone sues everyone for the smallest little thing. Do you feel this person deserves $7.75 million dollars because he was careless enough to slip and fall in winter conditions? Or do you believe that the landlord is at fault? Either way, the insurance companies paid up big time in this case.

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