Wonderland Outdoor Playcenter

There is no written description that can do justice to this work of art. This slide and play center is nothing short of beautiful. The workmanship on this piece is obviously done by a very talented woodworker.

The slide is one of the most intriguing parts of this structure. Obviously it has been sanded to a very smooth finish to allow those little people to slide down it. The piece of wood used is designed by Mother Nature herself, but kudos to the builder that had the imagination to construct this one of a kind piece. The central tree stump is perfect as the base of this play structure. The creator of this masterpiece deserves great respect for the fine finishing on each piece of wood that has been incorporated.

One can easily imagine this capturing the imagination of the children that play on it with its many branches and levels.There is no doubt a play center like this gives children full-on adventures in the world of imagination.

Each sanded and carefully chosen piece is treated with a wood finish that gives it warm enduring colors and smooth finish. This three-tiered play area has a round wooden platform on each level.

We are sharing this beautiful image here and, unfortunately, do not know the source or builder of this magnificent piece, but wish to congratulate them on building one of this wonderland outdoor play center. This is the nicest we've ever seen!