Wood Pallet Makeover

Do you know anyone or anything that does makeovers? “Humans, dude. They do a lot a makeovers.” I am afraid we are not the only one who do it, bud. If humans need a makeover, things such as olds woods can have their own makeovers too. But don’t get me wrong. I don't mean woods do their OWN makeover. Of course, humans are there for assistance… and they do all the makeover stuff. *silence* I mean WE do all the makeover! Geez. Anyway, do you know the humans behind this amazing wood pallet makeover? “Send him or her in, please.” Her. SHE. Well, I’d like you to meet the two talented women of Thriving Home blog and the creators of this wood pallet makeover.

“Women? You mean there are two people in this blog?” Si! And they are Polly and Rachel. Let’s have one person at a time and we’ll start with Polly. Polly has been called the ‘high tech grandma’ because she enjoys the hobbies of old ladies and at the same, she is a techie. She has learned to accept the nickname because for her, it is the truth. Polly loves to craft, sew, knit, find new uses for old things, garage sale, and bake. Her blogging career then started and she has developed fondness towards it. “I started blogging a few years ago and absolutely love that it has grown into a part time job for me. It has challenged me to become a more thoughtful writer, creative thinker, better photographer, and to take my influence on readers seriously. It makes my day when I hear from a reader that has been encouraged by something I shared,” says Polly.

Now, here, we have Rachel. By the way, Rachel and Polly are both at-home moms (and look-alike!). If Polly is called ‘high tech grandma’, then Rachel is described as ‘an endearing dork’. According to her, it is likely because of her ability to crack junior high-level jokes and make a fool of herself to bring laughter. Rachel is a part-time Family Events Director in the church while being a full-time mom. “This blog has become my creative outlet, and more recently another part-time job, during these wonderful but long days filled with raising kiddos and managing our home,” states Rachel. Rachel and Polly aim “to encourage moms to thrive in every area of home life.”

Well, now you have the idea about the beautiful and striking girl power behind this blog and wood pallet makeover. For now, have your own and click Thriving Home’s website below for instructions. Have fun! *winks*

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