Woodwork On a Car? This Studebaker Fastback Has Jaw-Dropping Wood Grain

It is not everyday that you get to learn about ideas that will knock your socks off. Once you have learned about it, you won't help but be intrigued and get to know more about its details. We are talking about a car made out of wood and yes, it is possible! We all know that cars are made of steel, so there is no possible way a car could be made of wood and still be a safe transportation to anyone who will drive it, right?

Well, this one is not exactly running yet and is also not released for the public to buy as of the moment. It was an idea that started back in 1951 by Studebaker. His original plan was to make a sedan type car made out of wood, but later on decided not to go with the said prototype. It was not until Jim Gray stepped in to continue the said project. Gray has enough professional credits when it comes to this area, since he has been doing it for 3 decades. Some private collector asked him to do the job of woodworking on the said project with the supervision of famous car designer Alberto Hernandez.

It was a tedious job for both Gray and Alexander that took them a year to make the project happen. They even considered working with a metal-smith just to finally get it over with. But it was not just the two of them who worked on the project; they had to form a team to finish it. Someone was assigned to take care of the glasswork and also another for the upholstery. This project was indeed a team effort. If you want to know more about how they finished it and the success behind this wooden car, check out the website Fine Woodworking below.

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