World Top 10 Weirdest Fruits

Fruit is always a great healthy snack to turn to when you want some extra nourishment and energy. Here are the World Top 10 Weirdest Fruits. Have you ever thought about the different kinds of fruit that are out there? There are so many amazing and interesting fruits out there that might look a little strange at first, but when you try them out, you will realize they are super delicious. Fruit usually grows on a tree, on vines or in a bush unlike vegetables which can grow in the ground like root vegetables such as beets and carrots. The other thing that differentiates fruit from vegetables is that they usually have a more predominantly sweet flavour, even though some vegetables have a sweetness to their flavour, they are not as sweet as some fruits can be. Heres one of the great fruit facts you can share with friends, one fruit that grows from the ground and not on a tree like you may have thought is the pineapple. Pineapples take a very long time to grow as well, and can't be picked until they reach the perfect point of maturation. Pineapples also will not ripen any further after they have been picked either which is why it is so crucial that they are picked when they are ripe. Its always interesting to learn fruit facts isn't it?

The fruit you are going to see in the YouTube video are absolutely amazing! Some of them you may have seen before depending on what part of the world you live in, and they may actually be quite common to you. But for people in other parts of the world, some of the more exotic fruits that are featured in this video will look very different than anything they have ever seen before. There are a few fruits that are delivered from where they are grown and harvested to other places around the world to be sold in grocery stores and specialty markets. Trying new types of fruit that you have never had before is a great way to enjoy food from around the world without having to leave your country. Fruit is also always a great healthy snack that is a healthier choice to make than eating other snacks like candy or processed junk foods. Even though fruit is very healthy for us, it is important to eat in moderation, just as you would with anything else since fruit does have a lot of sugar in it. The sugars in fruit are natural and very healthy for us, but just as always, it is best to eat consciously.

Fruit also makes for a fun food for kids. Kids always want something sweet to eat, and since they are always growing, they need a lot of calories to help fuel all of their running around and playing. Kids may cry out for candy and sweets but these refined sugar filled snacks are not the best option to serve the kiddos. A fun food for kids would be some apple slices with some nut butter, or a fruit salad made with fresh, organic fruit. Kids also love berries and bananas that they can eat with their own hands. The fruit that is featured on this video would be really fun to serve your kids to see what their reactions were. Its always fun to introduce kids to new foods they have never eaten before so they can be open to trying new things. Plus, the shapes and colours of these different kinds of fruit will be so exciting for them to hold and explore for the first time. So check out this awesome video from WorlTop10 YouTube channel and see these amazing different fruits for yourself. Then, maybe you can go out and try to find them in your local grocery store or a market nearby.*

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