World's Best Female Rock Climber

Rock climbing is a kind of activity that requires the competitors or participants to climb up and down across a rock formation in a simplest route without falling. It is a little like life and death kind of sport similar to skydiving, wherein both entails danger. It is not classified as an easy sport for it is dangerous for people who are not fully equipped and knowledgeable. This sport demands physical, mental control, high agility, high endurance, strength as well as perfect balance. For some people, it can be a very dangerous kind of activity but for some it is a self fulfilling sport once completed and accomplished.

Sasha diGuilian is a 20 year old gal and a rock climbing enthusiast at an early age. She was currently taking up a degree in creative writing at Columbia University and since she was a child she knows exactly that rock climbing would be her calling and passion. She joined rock climbing in the local center in her hometown located in Alexandria Virginia and climb once a week, or twice a week until it becomes a routine doing it almost every day! At the age of nine she already won her first medal for climbing competition until such time she decided to went for a gym for regular climbing routine to enhance her skills. Her fierce attitude and love for the sport leads her to train soberly outside the gym- leading her to climb the real stiff and tricky mountains.

At the year 2004-2010, Sasha governed the Junior Continental Championships and as she became old enough she went to grab the Pan American Championship, US National Championship and at the age of 18 years old she was enthroned as the Female Overall World Champion in Arco, Italy. She was the youngest woman who have completed 5.14d graded climb making her the “holy grail” of rock climbing. Many experienced climbers idolized her for being tough and lean. Whether is it an easy route or life threatening one, she conquers it all making her the extraordinary youngest rock climber of all times.

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