World’s Dirtiest Man Has Not Bathed For 60 Years

Some people go to some crazy extents in the name of beauty, they do all sorts of things to look perfectly clean and coiffed at all times. Here's a polar opposite though, the world's dirtiest man has not bathed for 60 years! Can you even imagine what it's like not to bathe for a few weeks? Of course when you go camping, that's one scenario where it's a little more difficult to keep the same standards of cleanliness. This guy however, has far surpassed a modest level of dirtiness. The article states that he is the only man in the world who has not bathed for this long, but I think that's a little difficult to prove. You'd have to know every single human on the planet to come to that conclusion. But one thing is for sure, he is the most publicly known man to have gone 60 years without bathing.

That's not even the worst part. Not only does he refuse to bathe, he claims it makes him sick. In addition, he smokes animal feces instead of tobacco. Talk about disgusting! It's a wonder he's still alive. He actually totally believes that anything clean will make him sick, which is in large part, the bulk of his reasoning for his bizarre lifestyle. He prefers rotting animals to sustain him, never eating anything fresh or clean as far as food and water goes.

He burns the ends of his hair to avoid the use of scissors, and finally, his home is no modest little hut... it's just a hole in the ground. It seems as though many animals are even cleaner than this man. But to go that long without bathing, and maintaining these strange daily practices, it's pretty surprising that he's still alive.

I guess it goes to show that you don't have to eat perfectly healthy and be super fit to live a long time. Apparently you don't have to bathe and you can live off of dying and rotting animal parts... I wouldn't recommend living this way, but it's an interesting article to read. It really gives you a perspective on how different lifestyles can be across the world.

Ironically, I would think that the fact that this man has lived such an unusual and filthy lifestyle has only made his immune system stronger. Sadly there is more to this story than meets the eye. The villagers where this man lives, and who have built a shack for the man, say that when he was younger, Amou had suffered from serious emotional misfortune. That is most likely why he lives the way that he does. He doesn’t seem to have any worries, as he has nothing to lose, and nothing to fear. He doesn’t seem to be any happier than people who live in normal convenient conditions. It is hard to believe how tough his life is. Because of his beliefs he has no people to talk to, no home, no family, and no real activities. It seems to be very sad, he is only existing on this planet. His beliefs have led him to an isolated life.

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