World's Longest Horse

Whether the photo of the world's longest horse is legit or not, I can't say for certain. Just imagine a horse that can hold 8 children. Pretty crazy right! We have heard of and most of us have seen stretch limos, but a stretch horse?! Is it even physically possible for a horse to be that long? Can it's legs and spine support a back that long? The photo of the world's longest horse can be found on 'Blog Spot'. 'Blog Spot' is officially called Blogger and is a free web hosting service provided by Google. Google purchased 'Blog Spot' (Blogger) from it's original creator and designer in 2003. Simple and easy to use, it is a great place for beginning bloggers to start their blogging journey.

Is this indeed the world's longest horse? I couldn't find anything officially recording this particular horse as the world's longest horse. In fact I couldn't find any record of the world's longest horse, period. I did find the world's longest horse race, the Mongol Derby. I also found a horse named Chinook, who has the longest tail measuring 22 feet! And then there is Maude, who can boast about having the longest mane at 18 feet. That's a lot of mane! The tallest horse ever recorded was named Samson, who was sired in 1846. He measured 21.2 1/2 hands tall. Something, is the horse who has the longest jump of 27' 63/4", recorded in 1975. The longest recorded gestation of a horse was 445 days, when the average gestation is 320-360, although it is not uncommon for larger breeds to go 370 days or more. In the midst of all these "longest" records I still did not uncover the actual length of the world's longest horse. Is this the world's longest horse? Judge for yourself. Head on over to 'Blog Spot' or follow the link below and see what you think.

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