Wow! How Cool Are These Drawers?

Guys, on a scale of one to ten, how cool are these drawers? “Ten is too small. Give me the one to infinity scale and I'll give you infinity as the answer.” You can have infinity and beyond, my friend. These drawers are beyond words. The cutest, coolest, most adorable – name it. Whatever the words you use to describe it, I'll agree. *winks* Well, we got to thank first the person behind these straight family of drawers. For this article, we will dedicate this to the great maker of this cool family. Let's give a hand for Straight Line Designs and its designer, Judson Beaumont, shall we?

Judson Beaumont is the man behind the straight lines of these drawers. Straight Line Designs has been on-the-go for 27 unique years in British Columbia in Canada. Beaumont and his skillful staff have been working together to design and construct “a variety of custom-built furniture and projects for public institutions and children's exhibitions throughout North America and abroad.” The company does not go for mass production as it concentrates on their products' quality.

Beaumont is the unique guy who hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. He founded Straight Line Design in 1985, the same year when he graduated from an art school. Beaumont's aim for Straight Line Designs is “to continue strengthening its ability to creatively design and build more inspiring environments for hospitals, airports, day care centers, play areas, and clients' homes.” Beaumont has great passion for uniqueness – something different. He believes that everything is possible and that ideas have no boundaries. No wonder his designs are just like him: exceptional. *smiles* Mr. Beaumont, can I borrow your brain for forever?

I wouldn't be surprised if I heard in the news the next day that Beaumont has created another one of a kind design. With a mind and principles like that, anything is possible for him. *smiles* Anyway, this time, we will meet the new addition to the Straight Lines Design Family: Vern, Vinny, and their cute babies! To view, click Straight Line Designs website below.

Learn MORE at Straight Line Designs Inc.

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