Wow! These are the WEIRDEST places to eat in the entire world! Would you eat here? Crazy!

Well if you think you have heard it all or seen it all, then you obviously haven't seen this yet! Wow! These are the WEIRDEST place to eat in the entire world! Would you eat here? Crazy! I mean, I get pop culture and quirkiness, but most of these are just down right bizarre. There are weird items on some restaurant menus, I guess because people like a challenge or they like to prove their weirdness to others when they are out instead of just having a normal dinner out with friends and ordering a burger and fries. People who think it is weird to dip fries in mayonnaise or put syrup on bacon, will have a time trying to figure out why some people eat at the places on this list.

The one that got me thinking 'why oh why', is the one with the poop themed items on the menu and you sit on toilet seats, which are by the way, not functioning toilets, although I wouldn't put it past them! There must be some health regulations around that! There are items on the menu that smell like poop even! Why on earth would anyone want to eat something that smells like poop, is beyond me! There are even desserts that revolve around bodily functions and they are all served up in a bowl that looks like a toilet! Wow...

Then there is the Nazi restaurant that revolves around all things Hitler, which is totally horrible if you ask me. I would never support a place like this, even if it is just a joke, that is in total bad taste. The one with the twins seems pretty fun, I would try that one out, and even the Barbie restaurant. But maybe not the ones with poop thank you very much!

Then you have this restaurant in the Far East's, that is inspired by it's love of all things cute and fluffy, whether it's actual, real-life cuteness in the shape of Tokyo's cat cafes, where pet-less Tokyoites go to stroke and play with cats and kittens, or the Hello Kitty phenomenon in Seoul. So the only surprise about Taipei's Barbie restaurant is that it took so long for someone to come up with the idea. It is staffed by waitresses who wear bright pink tops, tutus and tiaras, while the chairs are dressed in tutus and there's enough pink food to sink a Barbie cruise ship.

Then you have the restaurant the Royal Dragon, in Bangkok, Thailand. This restaurant is monumental. The colossal seafood place sprawls across 8.35 acres, has over 1,000 staff, and requires 540 costumed waiters on roller skates to serve up to 5,000 customers. And while it boasts the largest collection of live seafood tanks and 1,000 pan-Asian dishes, diners don't come for the food. It's all about the experience with traditional Thai and Chinese music, dance and martial arts shows, and waiters walking on water and flying through the air on zip-wires. Watch what you order if you choose live seafood as it is priced by weight, so there are no surprises other than the waiters falling from the sky, that is.

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