Yellowed Pillows? How to Wash & Whiten Them

One of the usual reasons why your pillow turns from white to yellowish is due to your sweat. Our body is capable of sweating even if we are sleeping. Your sweat might seep in to the fabric of your pillowcase and once the sweat dries, that’s the time the yellow stain will occur. According to one of the articles of Martha Stewart Living, it is highly suggested that you should washed a pillow at least twice in a year.

So, how will you do that? Prepare a hot water, a cup of laundry and powdered dishwasher detergent, a one half cup boras and a cup of bleach. Before proceeding, make sure to check the care label of your pillow. This is usually found either below or in the side of the pillow. There must be a “can be machine washed” written, as most pillows can be. Next thins is to remove the pillow case or any pillow protector. Fill in the washing machine with at least 1/3 full hot water, and add all the ingredients or your laundry whitening solution. Allow the machine to agitate around a few minutes and see to it that the detergent are dissolved before adding the pillows. Once it was already dissolved put the pillow and allow the washer to rinse. You may either wash one to two pillows at a time if your washing machine is capable of handling large entities.

Allow the machine to agitate for several minutes, then turn the pillows top side and vice versa to get the full effect. In order to achieve the desired stirring, you may set it to second rinse cycle for better result. Once the process is already done, drying your pillows would be much easier. Feathery fabrics may use air cycle while synthetics can be set to low heat setting. Place your pillows in the dryer or you may set it outside when Mr. Sun is up!

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