Yes, webcams can spy on you. This one simple thing can prevent it

These days most everyone has a computer, tablet or smartphone. And what many people don't realize is that if any of your devices have a webcam, they can spy on you. It does seem like a frightening thought, as some people go everywhere with their phones and the thought of being spied on is a bit scary. The good news is that it doesn't take a lot of money to remedy this problem as all it takes a simple piece of tape. Believe it or not, tape is all that many people from the head of the FBI to the CEO of the world's largest social network so that it can work for anyone.

It was FBI Director James Comey and the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg who made headlines when people found out that both of the men use tape to cover up their cameras on their computers. The FBI director said that it was a sensible thing. And Kevin Haley who is the director of security response at Norton by Symantec said that users should always maintain basic security practices so to prevent someone from spying on your webcam, including keeping operating systems up to date and being extra careful clicking on any links or attachments sent by email or social networks. Strong security software is also a good idea and so is tape. Using tape is that easy you just want to make sure that the camera on your devices is clearly blocked so that no one can see through the tape, that's it. You can use duct tape if you'd like but the tape may make your laptop or phone sticky when you take it off. You can also try some painters tape which won't leave behind as much residue when you peel it off. Post-it Note also work. Or you might opt for a webcam cover found on sites like Amazon; this idea also is affordably ranging in price from $4 to $10. And it's important to remember that while tape and webcam covers are a good start, it is not the only thing you should do to keep safe when using the internet.

Computers are a part of most peoples lives, and it is important to practice safety when using especially when it comes to internet safety and children. Children use a variety of online resources, and each can have different safety concerns. Some of the things you can do to keep your kids safe are to keep the computer in a high-traffic area of the home. Establish limits for which websites children can visit and for how long. It's also important to remember to practice internet safety on your mobile devices, so monitor things like cell phones, gaming devices, and laptops. Surf the Internet with your kids and let them show you the sites and things they like to do online. You want to know exactly who your kids are connecting with online and be sure to set rules for social networking, emailing, instant messaging, online gaming, and using webcams. Be sure to have a constant dialogue with your kids about online safety. For adults, it is important to remember never to post information that will identify you such as your full name, your Social Security number, your home address or phone number, credit card or bank account numbers, passwords, names of family members or friends and your workplace or favorite hangout.

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