You Have Been Using Aluminum Foil Wrong

Aluminum foil is frequently used in kitchen for baking, cooking and packaging. Not only that, it is also widely used for heat conduction, thermal insulation, barrier and electrical conductivity. In packaging, aluminum foil acts as a complete barrier to oxygen and light causing fats to oxidise or become putrid, odours, moistness, germs, flavours as well as germs; that is why it is used widely in food and other pharmaceutical packaging.

So what is the purpose of aluminum foil? It is actually to make long-life packs for dairy goods and drinks to allow storing without refrigeration. These foils is widely sold into any consumer market at any local store near you and is often sold by rolls of 20 inches or several meters in length. In cooking, aluminum foil is commonly used for barbecuing. This is actually done by wrapping the food in foil, placed it on a grill in order to prevent the loss of moisture that might effect in a less alluring texture.

Are you ready to re-think the way that you have probably been using tin foil all of your life? If you're not ready, then get back, get out of here, and go ahead!...Still here? OK, get ready because after you watch this video there can be no overlooking at it, no turning back and you will probably start using tin foil entirely differently for the rest of your life. If you have ever been frustrated with tin foil jumping out of the box when you try to pull out a sheet, worry no more as it would turn out there is actually a feature to fix this! Bet you didn't know that. Okay, enough build up, watch the video link below and enjoy! If it happens that you can’t click the link, here’s the link for a better view.