You Have to Visit This Unique Elephant Ranch in Indiana

If you are ever in the state of Indiana, you will want to check out this one of a kind Elephant Ranch. And while Indiana is lucky enough to have elephants at their zoos, this ranch is an experience you won't soon forget especially if you love elephants. This experience gets you up close to the elephants, unlike a visit to the zoo. The elephant ranch in Indiana is called The Wilstem Ranch, and it is located in Paoli. The ranch sits on more than 1,000 acres of land and offers typical getaway accommodations and activities, such as lodging, horseback riding and hiking, and horseback riding. But the main attraction at the ranch is that it is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on earth, elephants. At the ranch, you can experience the magic of seeing elephants up close at this unique ranch. The Elephant Retreat at Wilstem Ranch is an amazing experience that allows you to spend time with these large creatures.

Adults and kids of all ages are welcome at the ranch, and two different unique experiences are available. The first experience is a basic educational seminar, where you will learn all about the elephants, watch them perform some cute tricks, feel free to ask questions, and pet the elephants. The second ranch experience is a spa appointment where you can help bathe the elephants and give them a pedicure. The spa session also includes a one-hour educational seminar. And, beginning this spring, there will be two giraffes at the Indiana Ranch which you will also be able to witness up close. This is a great opportunity for animal lovers as the perfect way to spend a weekend. You can stay overnight in one of the cabins, enjoy some horseback riding and hiking, and then spend a few hours with the elephants. The Wilstem Ranch is located at 4229 W US Highway 150, in Paoli, Indiana.

Elephants are herbivorous animals that can be found in different habitats to include savannahs, deserts, forests, and marshes. Elephants prefer to stay close to water. The animals are considered to be a keystone species due to their impact on their environments. Keystone species are animals on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, that if these animals were removed the ecosystem would change drastically. Other animals tend to keep their distance away from elephants while predators, such as tigers, lions, hyenas, and wild dogs, usually target only the young elephants or the calves as they are called. Females elephants also known as cows tend to live in family groups, which can consist of one female with her calves or several related female elephants with offspring. The elephant groups are led by an individual known as the matriarch, who is often the oldest cow. Elephants have a fission–fusion society which means multiple family groups come together to socialize. The male elephant or bull leaves their family groups when they reach puberty and may live alone or with other male elephants. Adult bull elephants usually interact with family groups when they are looking for a mate and enter a state of increased testosterone and aggression which is known as musth; this helps them gain dominance and reproductive success. Calves are the center of attention in their family groups and rely on their mothers for up to three years. Elephants can live a long life of up to 70 years in the wild.

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