You Know You're a Horse Lover When...

The love of horses has long been a part of human history. From the wild wild west with cowboys riding across the vast deserts, to the more sophisticated styles of equestrian lovers, people love their horses, and here's an article that says it all - you know you're a horse lover when... There's over a dozen one liners to keep you entertained.

You can probably come up with a few clever reasons and ways of knowing that you absolutely adore your horses. Because lets's face it, there's a certain culture surrounding horses, and when you're one of those people who love them, it's usually an incredibly intense love. I have a friend who loves horses, and she has them on her calenders, she spends a lot of money taking care of them, grooming them, feeding them, bringing them to shows. The list goes on ! And if you're a horse lover, then you likely do all these things as well. Some of the things on this list are really funny, like your friends and family checking the barn before the house to see if your home, or you would rather muck stalls than clean your house. Or for those with kids, your horses get fed dinner before your family does! Now all of them may or may not apply to you or someone you know, but they're definitely worth a read since you'll probably get a good chuckle from most of them. Some people love dogs, others cats, others shoes and clothes and stuff, but if you're someone who totally adores their horses then you need to read this article. If you're interested go check out the website at the "Horse Channel" website, you'll be glad you did, and make sure to pass on the link to someone you know might like it.

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