You Won't Believe What Coffee and Coconut Oil Can Do to Your Skin

Of all the natural health products available, coconut oil seems to be one of the most versatile of them all. The question is, is there anything you can't do with coconut oil? This stuff is great for cooking, for using in recipes in place of butter or margarine, it's also great for personal care too. One of the simple life hacks people can use coconut oil for is to remove makeup. So much money is spent on makeup removers and wipes, and sometimes they have some pretty harsh ingredients in them that cause your eyes to sting and that can cause skin irritations. The good news is, there are so many diy ideas for how you can use coconut oil to remove your makeup if you wear it. Just take a small amount of coconut oil, liquid or hard, and start to rub it all over your face. Concentrate on your eyes to remove any mascara and eyeliner that may be a bit more difficult to come off. Treat it like a face massage and use nice, small circular motions to cover your entire face with the oil. You can then take a clean face cloth and run it under some nice, warm water. Ring the cloth out and place it on your face, allowing it to sit until it cools down. You can repeat this particular step if you like as it's a nice way to relax and unwind before bed. Then, wipe off all of the makeup with the cloth. You can also put coconut oil on your face as a natural moisturiser, and it will keep your skin hydrated through the night.

You can also use coconut oil in your hair. Just use it as a leave-in treatment when you get out of the shower with wet hair. Massage the oil into your hair, concentrating on the ends. Braid your hair and lay a towel on your pillow, so it doesn't get a lot of oil on it, and sleep with the coconut oil in your hair. Wash it out the next day and see how shiny and smooth your hair looks. In the video from YouTube, the girl also shows a great way to dry your hair with a blow dryer. Instead of drying your hair from the top down, dry it with your head upside down. It will give your hair some great volume, and it helps to dry it faster too by getting the thickest parts first. If you have a hard time keeping bobby pins in your hair, simply spray them with a bit of hairspray before you put them in and they'll stay in longer. To clean your makeup brushes, instead of using the expensive brush cleaners from the beauty store, use some gentle baby shampoo or even some dish soap. Take a good amount of the shampoo or dish soap and put it in the palm of your hand. Then wet your brush and swirl it around in the palm of your hand in the soap. You'll see all of the makeup coming right off. You can also soak the brushes in some dish soap and water beforehand to loosen up some of the makeup.

One of the other amazing simple life hacks is to make an awesome exfoliating scrub with coconut oil and coffee grounds. Just mix up the oil and the coffee grounds in a dish and then take a small amount and gently scrub your face or your body with it. Your skin will feel baby soft, and it literally costs pennies to make. Enjoy these awesome diy ideas and more in the video.***

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