You WON’T Believe Why This Man Is Pouring Water Into Diapers… This Trick Is Pure GENIUS!

Starting a garden can be exciting, but first thing's first, you have to get your soil right before you get planting vegetables and plants. You won't believe that diapers play a crucial role in creating a super soil that will work amazingly with any plant and any soil. But you'll surely agree that this trick is pure genius. If you don't have kids, you probably would never have a reason to buy diapers. At least not until you came across one of the cool diy ideas from the internet. If you have a baby, then you probably already have a constant supply of diapers at hand, so you can just use some from your own home. You can also use adult diapers for this tutorial too if you want to create more super soil than a small diaper will create. Usually when you're starting a garden out from scratch, you have your existing soil which may or may not be healthy to use. You can test your soil for levels of acidity and for missing nutrients and then add the nutrients into the soil as needed. If you're planting vegetables, the soil will need to be less acidic than if you're planting flowers so that the plants get the right nutrients.

To grow properly your garden also needs to be watered consistently. On hot summer days a garden needs to be watered at least once a day, if not in the morning and in the evening. If you're busy like most people are these days, you may not have time to keep up with all of the watering required, so that's where diy ideas like this one come in handy. So how do you create a super soil with a diaper? Well, inside of the diaper underneath the cotton lining, there are crystals that form a gel when they are moistened. The gel allows huge amounts of liquid to be absorbed so that the liquid, which is usually urine, doesn't leak out of the diaper. But guess what? The crystals also make for a great additive to combine with soil to create an extremely absorbent soil that doesn't need to be watered as frequently. The crystals that turn into gel also keep your garden's soil nice and aerated, allowing the roots to breath so they don't get too wet and start rotting. When you add the gel to your soil, you'll find you need to water way less and that your plants are healthier too.

This method can also be used on indoor plants, just add the gel to the soil in a half and half ratio and put your plant into the pot. Plants that are prone to root rot will be healthier than ever because the gel absorbs all of the liquid and releases it as the plant needs it. This would be great for fern plants since they can be quite temperamental about the amount of water they receive. Too little and the leaves start to dry out, too much water and the roots rot. They like their soil to be constantly moist which the gel could really help with. If you're planting vegetables in the ground, just be sure to mix a bunch of the gel into your garden bed before planting your seeds. Not to worry either, the gel is completely eco friendly and non toxic as well so you won't be getting any weird chemicals in your food. Check out the full video explaining exactly how to implement these crystals into your soil to make the best soil ever. See how well this works for you and share the idea with your friends and family.***

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