You'll Going to Love The Latest Build Log House near Kelso, Scottish Borders

A log house and log house construction can mean many things to different people. For some, it might be a memory of a place where they spend summer vacations and holidays, for others a log house is considered the home of their dreams. Log houses these days are just as popular as they were a hundred years ago, and when it comes to log houses, there are more to choose from than ever before. You will find log house kits, custom log house construction, and log house builds that range in size from big to small and everything in between. Whether you want a small rustic log house for use on weekends or a luxury log house construction, there is something for you. This small log cabin uses larger logs which will keep the cabin warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer; the larger logs also look good too. The front patio with log railings and green roof make for an appealing design that suits it's natural surroundings.

You can see the start of the green roof in one of the photos and the completion of the green roof in another. A green roof or living roof has many purposes. When a green roof is added onto a log house, it can help with the absorption of rainwater, while creating a habitat for wildlife, providing insulation, and green roofs can also help lower the overall stress in people because they are so aesthetically pleasing. Green roofs can also help to lower the urban air temperature when used in cities.

The Caledonia Log Homes site is a good place to see a variety of log homes from big to small and on the site you will also find videos and photos that take you through the whole log home building process. This company often uses the post and beam method of construction. The post and beam method and timber frame method of construction both use styles of building use fewer and larger wood posts and beams than a typical type of home build. Timber frame and post and beam log home structures offer increased strength and stability in the overall build, which makes them the perfect type of build for log homes. Post and beam construction is also known as the method of heavy timber frame construction which uses large vertical posts and horizontal beams. You can see these beautiful wooden beams when you go inside of a log home structures with the exposed wooden beams that you find throughout being a big part of their appeal. When you look through the variety of log home designs, you can get an idea if post and beam are something you would like in your log home.

You will find this charming log house with green roof on the Facebook - Caledonia Log Homes site. This log house building company is located in the United Kingdom, and they specialize in building log houses that match your design and specifications. They work with each customer to help them get the log house design of their dreams. The company builds both traditional style and the more contemporary style of Post & Beam log homes. They also use their skills to produce a range of log products that include garden studios and outdoor log furniture. The quality craftsman with this company builds bespoke log homes with traditional multi-skilled techniques producing a truly artistic dream log home.

Every handcrafted log house they build is unique. With different cornering systems, roof systems and log home style which affects the overall price. If you want a specific log house quote it is always best to go over your individual log house plans with the company to get an exact quote. **

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