Young Couple’s Custom Tiny Home is Popping Out of its Seams {Tiny House Tour 24 Photos}

Micro homes are a trend that's here to stay. Check out this young couple's custom tiny home that is popping out at the seams, literally. In the tiny house tour complete with 24 photos, you'll be able to see inside this elaborate tiny house design. Tiny homes on wheels are making a big impact on people these days, inspiring hundreds, if not thousands of people to build and live in their very own micro homes. Freedom from debt is one of the many reasons people choose to live in a tiny house on wheels. Another reason is the flexibility it gives people, to be able to move their home wherever they need to. Young couples like Jesse and Shelley want to create a unique home that's all their own to live in affordably. Small house living can be done in stationary houses too, but you need a piece of land to build on, which is also quite expensive to buy outright. Building the tiny homes on wheels allows people to park their home wherever they can, live for a few years and perhaps save up for their own piece of land to build on.

It hasn't been until the 20th century that people really started wanting to live in larger homes. Homes that have more rooms than people living in them with an excess of space usually costing people way more than they can afford. Micro homes are changing the way we think about housing. Do we really need all that extra space? When you look throughout history, many people lived in a one room home, which proved to save energy. Also, looking at architecture in heavily populated areas like Japan where apartments are sometimes only 100 square feet, we see that they have taken the challenge of making the space work by implementing smart design concepts and movable furniture that works double duty. In micro homes, the furniture usually must serve two or three purposes so that there isn't anything taking up more room than necessary. For example, an ottoman could work as a leg rest or a coffee table, or even dining room seating, plus it could have storage in it too to save space. A staircase in a tiny house could serve as storage space too, with built in cubbies and drawers to store different things in. Just like the bench sofa in this tiny house serves as a place to sit, as well as a storage area.

This tiny house on wheels is one of the larger ones, with plenty of extra space and a well thought out design. As you'll see in the photos, they have included some pop out areas that extend the space, much like you would find in a camping trailer. So as it's being moved down the highway, it's legal highway dimensions, but when it's parked, you have all that added space. This tiny house on wheels even has a bath tub and a shower, which not many tiny houses have and is a nice touch for anyone who loves taking nice warm baths. The kitchen in this tiny home is just beautiful and fit for cooking up some great meals. They included a full sized refrigerator as well as a full sized gas range and the butcher block counters look really great. With lots of great windows, this tiny house will enjoy plenty of light within it and views of the surroundings and provide good air circulation. Enjoy looking at the photos from the photo tour of this great tiny house design and check out others from Tiny Houses' website and get inspired.***

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