Your Blender Will Practically Clean Itself Spotless!

Blenders, what an amazing invention for people who want to stay healthy on the go! But people often ask, this FAQ: What is the best way to clean a blender? Blenders are a great addition to your kitchen equipment, some people even have a couple of blenders if they use them a lot. They are wonderful for making all sorts of things from smoothies, to sauces, soups and desserts. There are so many great uses for a blender in the kitchen. But most people think they are such a pain to clean. But really, they don't have to be. They can be really easy to make actually, if you just remember one simple thing. Always make sure you clean it right after you use it! This is key, because once the food starts crusting onto the blender parts, you will have a much harder time getting it off then if you were to just clean it right away.

So all you need is some dish soap, which you presumably already have on hand if you like to wash your dishes regularly. You can find all natural dish soaps that have no chemicals in them too, I like to use Seventh Generation dish soap, it has a really nice and natural scent, or no scent at all if you prefer, and you barely need any of it to get your dishes super sparkling clean. They may cost a little bit more than other dish soaps, but it is worth it to me, to save the environment and to keep chemicals out of my home. Basically all you do is drop some dish soap into the blender with some hot water, and let it blend around for a few minutes, and then you will have a clean blender! Easy as that!

The other nice thing about this method, is that it is all natural especially if you use all natural dish soap. It is great to steer clear of the chemical cleaning products if you can, especially when you can make so many different cleaning solutions at home for pennies! The truth is, it wasn't until more recent decades, that you go to the store and there is a whole isle dedicated to cleaning products. They can be a waste of money, and they hurt and poison our Earth when they go down the drain, plus they are not good to breathe in, or get on your own skin, and they can be a hazard if you have a child in the house or a curious pet. So its great to try the chemical free, natural options first.

Another great way to clean out your blender is to make lemon and vinegar ice cubes. All you need to make these handy dandy little cleaning disks is distilled white vinegar, one lemon and a regular old muffin tin. All you have to do is cut up your lemon into tiny little pieces, and then just pop them into the muffin tin, then you pour in a good amount of the white distilled vinegar into the tins over the lemon pieces, and then you simply freeze them overnight and they will be ready to use in the morning! You basically just pop them into your blender and blend them as you would normally blend anything and voila! You will have a clean blender or magic bullet in no time at all. They will take out any of the scents of the foods you have been blending and give the blade part of the machine a good clean. Lemons are so fabulous for cleaning, leaving that nice, fresh scent behind that just smells so clean! But make sure that if you want it clean the easiest way is to clean it right after you use it and it is such an easy way to do it too! Try out this awesome tutorial on your kitchen equipment and see how it works out!

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