Your Grandma's Apple Pie Recipe Is Good. This One Is Better

Your Grandma's Apple Pie Recipe Is Good. This One Is Better! You'll want to watch the short video on the Bon Appetit website to see all the little cooking tips and tricks to baking apple pie that Brooklyn's Pies n' Thighs uses to make their delicious and simple apple pie recipe. Apple pie is one of those dessert recipes that is tried and true, you can bring it anywhere, and people will be happy. You could bring it to a baby shower, or a family potluck dinner, it always works. This short step by step video recipe tutorial with Sarah Sanneh who is co-owner of Pies n' Thighs will help you master your apple pie making techniques. A good idea would be to follow along with an apple pie recipe of your own; the result will be the best apple pie you have ever tasted.

To start, you will need to make your pastry dough recipe. A great crust recipe is crucial to a great apple pie. A great crust starts with a great dough. This is where simple works best. Many of us use our trusty food processors for everything we do in the kitchen, and making dough is no exception. This is where you are going to put away your food processor and you a pastry cutter instead. The best tools for making a dough recipe is simply using your hands. Using your fingers to cut the butter into the flour allows you to know exactly when all the ingredients are fully combined. When it comes to making a dough recipe, it's always better to have a loose dough rather than to add too much water, which will only lead to a dense and heavy crust. And you don’t want to forget to taste your dough. Yes, you heard right, taste the dough, this odd trick is one that the expert bakers never skip. You'll be able to determine whether your dough recipe is too salty, too sweet, or needs any adjustments before you bake it. Apples are a favorite ingredient in many dessert recipes, such as apple pie recipes, apple crumble recipes, apple crisp and apple cake recipes. Apples are quite often eaten baked or stewed, and they can also be dried and eaten or reconstituted for later use. When apples are cooked, you will find some apple varieties that will easily form a puree called apple sauce. Apples are eaten with honey on the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah to symbolize a sweet new year. Farms that have apple orchards may open them to the public, so people can pick the apples themselves that they will then purchase.

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