Yum Yum Sauce

There are some recipes that become almost legendary, and yum yum sauce is one of those basic stir fry sauces that is beyond popular. The sauce made famous by Hibachi Restaurants goes perfectly with Asian cuisine from fried rice and as an excellent base to throw in whatever meat you like from shrimp, chicken or beef but is also good as is. Stir-frying with this homemade stir fry sauce is great for weeknight meals, it's a good go-to when you have a fridge full of ingredients as it uses simple ingredients that you most likely have from rice vinegar, mayonnaise, paprika and garlic powder. With stir fry cooking it is done so fast that you don't have to spend a lot of time over a hot stove and pot. Stir-frying also brings out the beautiful colors of vegetables, along with retaining their crunch. You can use a variety of vegetables, from asparagus, corn, carrots, beans, bok choy and so much more.

One of the main ingredients along with mayonnaise in the yum yum healthy stir fry sauce is rice vinegar. Rice vinegar is derived from either rice or rice vinegar and is used in Asia as a condiment. Because rice vinegar has a lower acidity quotient than other types of vinegar, it is not suitable for the preserving and pickling of foods. It is however used extensively as a condiment with salad recipes and several meat-based dishes. Rice vinegar adds a nice subtle flavor to recipes, but it also offers a number of health benefits. Rice vinegar is available in several varieties, but the main two types of rice vinegar are unseasoned and seasoned. For maximum benefits, you want to use the unseasoned variety. There is a good amount of acetic acid in rice vinegar which helps aid in boosting digestive health. It also helps the body soak in more nutrients from the foods that you eat. This allows your body to be able to absorb more calcium, potassium, and vitamins from foods, which are beneficial for health. Brown rice vinegar is used in making antiseptic medicines. Brown rice vinegar may help to eliminate detrimental bacteria upon contact and is used in several native medications to treat myriad health conditions. Rice vinegar also contains essential amino acids which help in achieving optimum health. Amino acids may help fight the damaging effects of free radicals, they also help boost immunity. Rice vinegar can also be beneficial for your skin.

To make this yum yum sauce basic stir fry sauce you will need some paprika to give it the color everyone is familiar with. Paprika can be sprinkled on chicken, fish, pork, potatoes, and rice to give these recipes their vibrant color and taste. You can also sprinkle or rub paprika overtop chicken or fish before cooking. Paprika can also be added in small amounts to soups, stews and sauce recipes. For a deep, smoky paprika flavor you can sprinkle paprika on deviled eggs and spiced nuts.

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