Yummy Orange Creamsicle Yogurt Bites

Need a new treat or snack for your kids that they will just love? Or maybe easy and fast treats for a birthday party or event! Look no further! Here is a great little snack that is sure to have the kiddos wanting more. All you need is some yogurt, jello flavouring, some cupcake liners and optional whipped cream and candy to top for a really decadent treat! All you do is simply mix the jello into the yogurt and stir then microwave it for two minutes then put them in the liners and chill for an hour! Top with whipped cream and some candy and there you have it an orange creamsicle treat!

These would be great for summer wouldn't they? I would probably try to make them a little healthier, but that's just me, and you could make them healthier by adding natural orange flavour or real oranges and zest perhaps. Make it into a smoothie in the blender and chill or freeze and you have some all natural healthy snacks. But I get it, kids love their sugar, I know I loved jello and sugar and candy when I was a kid. I probably would have loved these too!

You could even try out different flavours as well! Think strawberries and cream or blueberries would be great too! For a more adult taste, mocha or coffee flavoured ones or chocolate or plain vanilla would be great, you could even add real pieces of fruit! I love things like this that you can make ahead for a gathering or party or just for every day snacks or treats. So easy and quick too!

Put this on your summer recipes list and make sure to head on over to 'Cookies and Cream' website by following the link in the description below for the complete recipe and instructions.

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