Zeppole Recipes by our Italian Grandmas!

If you have a sweet tooth for pastries than we have the perfect site for you! On the Cooking with Nonna website, you will find tons of authentic Italian recipes from Nonnas, recipes that have been passed down through generations, including these Zeppole Recipes by our Italian Grandmas! These look so delicious! Zeppole or Sfingi is a traditional Italian dessert made on March 19th which is St. Joseph's Day and also happens to be Father's Day in Italy. They look like the perfect dessert recipe for that time of year! Or they are made around Christmas with no cream filling apparently.

As you will see on the Cooking with Nonna website, there are five different Zeppole recipes you can choose to try out, some have cream and others do not. The cream can also vary from a whipped cream or custard cream, or cannoli cream recipe which is made with ricotta cheese. You can pair them with fruit or have them just as is. They look like our version of a funnel cake recipe that we can buy at fairs and such. I have actually tried Zeppole before, although I didn't remember what it was called. My friend's boyfriend is Italian, and she always brings home things that her and his mom make, who all the family members do, in fact, call Nonna! They are very good, like a sweet bread, the one I had was nice, light and fluffy with no cream in it, it looked like the ones you will see in the list of recipes in the link.

You'll find each of the Zeppole recipes on the site to look different. The Ciambelle recipe looks just like a donut recipe and uses flour, potatoes, vegetable oil, eggs, yeast and granulated sugar. To start the recipe boil the potatoes and then mash them. Then mix all the ingredients together and let the mix sit for approximately an hour in a warm part of the house. Then take some dough and roll it onto a wood board so that it forms a stick, then unite the two ends to form a Tarallo or a doughnut. Make sure the hole is in the centre. Make all of the Ciambelle and then let them rest for approximately thirty minutes. Don't forget to sprinkle some sugar on them when they come out of frying. This is a Zeppole recipe that is typically served at Christmas and St. Josephs Day, but is good anytime of year.

On the Cooking With Nonna site you will find plenty of traditional authentic Italian recipes that are passed down from generations of Italian grandmothers and Nonna's from all the regions of Italy. Rossella is the host of the all new online cooking recipe show and food webisode series by the same name, Cooking with Nonna. Rossella was born into a family of culinary food lovers and cooks. Growing up there was always something on the stove, says Rossella who is a first generation Italian American born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Her roots are from Mola di Bari, a small fishing village known as Mola in Italy where her parents were born. For Rossella cooking was never about cooking, it was all about family, community and spending quality time with one other. Rossella spent most of her childhood in the kitchen with her maternal Grandmother Roman, where she learned the long legacy of recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

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