Zucchini Lasagna

Lasagne is always a number one meal among people, and this awesome Zucchini Lasagna looks like it would be able to satisfy even the picky eaters. In this recipe, zucchinis aren't just used as a filling, like usual, they are used as the noodles of the lasagne. As a replacement of the noodles. So this would be the perfect variation for any one who is gluten intolerant or just doesn't like pasta, or maybe just wants a low carb option. It's a great way to use up some zucchini too! The taste would be the same and maybe a bit richer since you would have all the flavours without the noodles breaking it up. The zucchini would totally soak up the sauce and all the herbs and spices. It would be really delicious I bet!

Zucchini can be tough to use in a recipe like this, because you don't want to have a lot of excess water making your whole lasagne a soggy soupy mess. You want a solid piece of lasagne, not a bowl of chilli. So there is a great tip for getting most of the moisture out of zucchinis without too much effort. Of course, it does take more effort than cooking lasagne noodles, or using the ones you don't even need to boil first, just put them in with the sauce and vegetables and they cook with all of the other ingredients in the oven.

One thing you can do to get the moisture out of zucchini, is sprinkle it with sea salt and then leave the water to come up out of the slices, then, you pat them dry with paper towel after the water has come to the surface, hopefully getting most of it out. This is a step you should do no matter what, because it will help to take out some of the moisture. You can take out more of the moisture by grilling the zucchini on your grill or in the oven for a few minutes too. This takes even more of the water out of it, making it perfect to go into your lasagne to act as the noodles.

The lasagne pretty much has everything else a lasagne has, meat, you could use ground beef or turkey, maybe even ground chicken, or you could just leave it vegetarian. It has the sauce, the cheese and you can add other veggies too if you like.

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