Zucchini Recipes by Nonna

Zucchinis come in abundance in the summer months, and so, you will be in need of some recipes to used them in! What better than some Zucchini Recipes by Nonna?! Italian recipes are so wonderful and full of flavour, and zucchinis are the best for Italian meals, right along side tomatoes. There ares so many delicious recipes you can use zucchini in, things like lasagne, pasta, sauces, stir fries, even chocolate cake, or bread. This link will hook you up with some of the best kept Italian recipes straight from the Nonnes all aroung the world!

The website was started up by Rossella Rago, who grew up cooking with her own Nonna and her mom. Coming from an Italian family, she loved learning all of the family recipes and heaping out however she could in the kitchen. She wanted to get into acting, but her path lead her straight to sharing cooking with the world. Anyone can become a member of, so they can share all of the recipes handed down by their own Nonnes. It is a fabulous way to share the love of cooking with everyone. People can post their recipes once they become a member of the site!

On this site you will find traditional authentic Italian recipes passed down from generations of Italian grandmothers and Nonna's from all the regions of Italy. Rossella is the host of the all new online cooking show and food webisode series, Cooking with Nonna. Rossella was born into a family of culinary aficionado's and food lovers. Growing up there was always something on the stove, says Rossella a first generation Italian American from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Her roots are from Mola di Bari, a small fishing village known as Mola where her parents were born. For Rossella cooking was never about cooking, it was about family, community and spending quality time with each other. Rossella spent most of her childhood in the kitchen with her maternal Grandmother Roman learning the long legacy of recipes passed down through the generations. On this site you will find authentic and traditional Italian recipes from all the religions of Italy. From Anelletti pasta with ricotta salata recipe to arborio rice with dry fava beans recipe, Arrabbiata sauce recipe to avocado pesto recipe, baked rigatoni recipe to baked rotini recipe, black tagliolini with calamari e Zucca recipe and more.

There are so many amazing recipes on this website, including these zucchini ones! There are 19 recipes so far in the zucchini recipe category and all of them look really tasty. There are recipes for zucchini pasta, zucchini and cheese pie, with brown rice, zucchini soup, quiche and frittata. As well as the zucchini bread and muffins, which always seem to turn out so moist and delicious. There is even a recipe for fried zucchini flowers! Which I have actually tried before, last summer actually, and they were pretty good! They are basically the flower that comes off of the zucchini, fried in a batter with cheese and capers and mint. The ones we had were not that elaborate, but they were made by our Italian friend!

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