He Uses Chalk To Draw This Line Against a Crack In The Wall�What Happens Next? WOW!

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You will want to watch this simple life hack on using chalk. This two and a half minute video has over 325,000 views, and it's no wonder you won't believe what an inexpensive piece of chalk can do to ants. Instead of going out and buying toxic chemicals to get rid of your ant problem you can use this simple life hack to give you piece of mind.

Using chalk for this simple life hack is an inexpensive way to keep ants away. All it takes is some standard chalk just like the chalk that a teacher uses or a child for sidewalk art. Ants would rather not walk through a line of powdery material like chalk dust, diatomaceous earth or talcum powder. Using chalk to get rid of ants is safe to use around your kids and safe for the environment too. Standard chalk is made of calcium carbonate, which is essentially ground-up seashells. Ants don't like to cross a line of chalk because it interferes with their ability to follow scent trails that are left by the other ants. This simple life hack is easy to do, all it takes is applying some chalk. If you want to use this real life hack to repel ants, simply draw a chalk line over the entry points where the ants get in. You will also want to draw a chalk line around the perimeter of the outdoor dining area on the patio. Another useful tip for life is to grind up the chalk into a power and then create a line around plants to repel the ants. Always make sure to pick up food crumbs that have been dropped outdoors. And if ants have been climbing on the patio furniture, make sure to wipe away their scent trails with some plain white vinegar. Be careful of hazardous chalk. This imported chalk is sold as a miracle insecticide chalk or as Chinese chalk, and they are not standard chalk at all. Even though these chalks may look similar, they are thought to contain toxic chemicals. These chalks are illegal and should be avoided at all costs, as children might mistake the chalks for standard chalk, ant handles the substance or accidentally get it into their mouths. AS well animals might ingest the hazardous chalk and become ill.

The chalk real life hacks don't kill the ants, and that is a good thing. Ants are very important to the environment in many ways, but they are pests when they invade your home seeking food and shelter. Nobody wants an to have ants, and all too often toxic chemicals are used to get rid of them. Another safe all-natural way to get rid of ants is by using white vinegar on all of their entrances and any paths that you might know of. The white vinegar disrupts their scent trails and makes it harder for them to creep back to their food source that they have been invading. Another all-natural nontoxic way to get rid of ants is an essential oil entrance blocker. Ants don't like strong smells, so this pleasant smelling simple life hack is just the thing to keep them away. The essential oil messes up their scent trails and communication.

This is just one of the real-life hacks and useful tips for life you will find on the YouTube channel. Youtube has all sorts simple life hacks, and real life hacks with step by step video tutorials on everything from craft ideas to diy ideas, fixing your home furnace to repairing your washer and dryer and everything in between. **

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