12 Droolworthy Chocolate Desserts to Make This Year (or ASAP)

Food Network is challenging its viewers and readers to a year of chocolate, by coming up with a chocolate recipe every month, yum, I definitely would like to sign up for that, who doesn't like chocolate desserts. These "12 Droolworthy Chocolate Desserts to Make This Year (or ASAP)," all look so amazing, it's challenging to decide which recipe to try first.

For me chocolate and croissants is a perfect combination, I remember fondly several years ago when I had my first pain du chocolat in Paris, I would forever be hooked. So this croissant bread pudding would definitely be the chocolate dessert I would try first, I could easily make this every month for the next year, it's almost too much to think about! For this recipe, first you'll want to preheat your oven to 350 degrees F, butter a shallow baking dish, and cut your croissants into one inch slices that you will toss with some melter butter before you put onto a baking sheet. With the sliced croissants on the baking sheet, bake until toasted about ten minutes. Next you'll whisk your eggs and yolks, milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and salt. Arrange about half the croissant in a prepared baking dish, top with about 2/3 of milk chocolate, then add remaining croissants, and pour the rest of the egg mixture over the croissants, pressing gently to submerge croissants.

To complete this recipe, you then cover the baking dish with foil and bake about thirty minutes, uncover and top with the remaining chocolate, and bake again until the bread pudding dessert is puffed and golden and set, about fifteen to twenty more minutes, let stand fifteen minutes. To see how to make the decadent chocolate sauce for this bread pudding, you'll want to look at the Food Network website. Enjoy.

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and a large number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes have become traditional on certain holidays. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages such as chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, the dried and partially fermented seeds of the cacao tree, a small evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas. Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the form of sweet chocolate, which is a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids. It is best to store chocolate away from other foods, as it known to absorb different aromas. Typically chocolates are packed or wrapped, and placed in proper storage with the correct humidity and temperature. Chocolate is also frequently stored in a dark place or protected from light by wrapping paper.

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