15 Weird Cleaning Hacks That Might Actually Make Chores Fun

You will want to take a look at these weird house cleaning tips and tricks that make cleaning easy and fun. When it comes to cleaning the house, there is no shortage of things to do from laundry to dishes, floors to the walls and so much more. But with the help of some household tips, you can clean your house and have some fun too. The 15 weird cleaning hacks you will find on the site are inexpensive ways to clean your house and use non-toxic cleaners that are safe to use around your family and for the environment. The following are just some of the house cleaning tips and tricks using non toxic cleaners that you will find on the site.

1. This household cleaning tip uses a non toxic cleaner that you might already have in the house. Halved lemons are a non toxic cleaner that works great at removing faucet stains. If you have chromed bathroom and kitchen fixtures that have hard water stains that won't come off with regular cleaners you can try cutting a lemon in half and then scrubbing the surface of the fixtures with the lemon halves. The citric acid in the lemon will cut through the stains. Halve lemons also work well to remove rust stains from bobby pins or razor blades left in the shower.

2. For anyone who has done crafts with glitter you know just how difficult they are to clean up. Glitter gets everywhere and this household cleaning tip uses Play-Doh which works perfect for removing spilled glitter before it gets everywhere.

3. Here is a house cleaning tips and trick that will cost you hardly anything. You can wash your dishwasher with a package of lemonade Kool-Aid. You want to buy the unsweetened kind. And all it takes is to run your dishwasher with nothing in it through a regular wash cycle with the Kool-Aid powder. The citric acid in the Kool-Aid powder does all the cleaning, and because itís colorless, it wonít stain.

4. This easy and inexpensive household cleaning tip will help you clean your cast iron skillet with inexpensive sea salt. Many people say you shouldn't wash your cast iron skillets because it can eliminate all the delicious left-over seasoning. But you cast iron does need some washing to get rid of the food left behind. Rubbing your cast iron with sea salt and a paper towel helps to mop up all the grease but also leaves behind that delicious seasoning behind. You can just toss some kosher salt or sea salt into a cast iron skillet or pan and start scrubbing. You can make a paste out of the sea salt, and you have one of the best non toxic kitchen cleaners you will find.

5. This nontoxic cleaner uses a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan. Put a ceiling fan blade inside the pillowcase and drag the pillowcase off, taking all the dust along with it. Repeat this step with each blade. The dust on the blade will be trapped inside the pillowcase, just like magic. Make sure the ceiling fan i turned off first.

6. Did you know that you can clean your kitchen blender simply by blending? This household cleaning tip is the easiest way to clean a blender, and all you have to do is simply half-fill the blender with warm water, add a drop of dishwashing liquid, and blend, it's that easy.

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