17 Simple Solutions to Your Kitchen Problems

I know some of you here are kitchen lovers and you're favourite part at home is the kitchen. Well, that’s great news! I wish I could say the same for myself. I love kitchens! It is my favourite place at home too! But do you ever feel like the feeling is not mutual? Like, your kitchen doesn't love you back. Am I alone here? If not, come here and let’s hug each other. I have encountered almost all kitchen problems and these 17 kitchen solutions are really the…solutions (what???). Anyway, take a look at these three of the ’17 kitchen solutions to your kitchen problems’ and I'm very pretty sure that after reading this, you will tell yourself: “I've been probably doing it wrong my whole life.”

First is this ginger peeling. My dad always ask me to prepare all the ingredients ready to cook. Well, my number one enemy is the peeling part. Especially peeling the ginger! I'll tell you, if I have a ginger that is as big as an adult’s hand, after peeling, it will become as small as a baby’s hand. Who else can relate to this? “Me!” Hugs and kisses to you, brotha! Anyway, a solution is now here, people! By using a spoon, you can peel gingers perfectly without reducing its size! This is the best news I've ever heard today.

Having trouble separating egg yolk from egg white? “Yes.” *sad face* I feel you, dear one. But there is actually a separator! Its either you buy or just use an empty bottle of water. How to do it? Just go to the link provided below. The last one is the bad-odour-hands-problems. Before knowing that you can use a stainless steel utensil to wash your ill-smelling hands, I have to use the whole bar of soap to remove the bad smell. Imagine that? One. Bar. Of soap.

Kitchen problems? Now you have the solutions! You’re kitchen will finally fall in love with you and you both can live happily ever after. *winks*

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