20 Horses With Better Hair Than You

I can barely stand it when another human being has way better hair than me, but this? This is too much. The quest for great hair is a never ending succession of shampoos and conditioners and hair masks, and what do you get in your trials? Sometimes a terrible case of dandruff that will drive you absolutely nuts. And now this? The hair on these horses is absolutely breath taking. It looks healthy, shiny, and like it doesn't need a trim every two to three months to keep it from looking like a rats nest.

These manes are literally so shiny I can see my reflection in one of them. Their hair floats magically in the wind, the same way I often try and picture myself when a train rushes by. Trust me, it never looks as majestical.

They don't need endless youtube tutorials, or how-tos, or pinterest blogs. They don't stare at each others hair longingly and tell each other how pretty they are. They just know. They just know. How infuriating is that?

I need their hair care secret. I mean, I once bought that horse shampoo in the hopes I could gain their superior hair quality.

Maybe it's a diet thing.

Maybe I don't need a diet pill, maybe I need to focus my eating on grazing on grass, eating a lot of apples, munching on carrots, and trotting around a ring or galloping through a field. Maybe I need to make some lifestyle changes. I mean, that hair is seriously desirable. I've done crazier things, like not wash my hair with shampoo. Why not try this? On the plus side, I can totally reward myself with those dainty little sugar cubes. And hey, this is a great way to kick start one of those crazy no-carb diets. I mean, carbohydrates. How could you leave them be?

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